Short Term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance in Texas is ideal for recent college graduates and for anyone in between jobs.

While it might seem like you can go without health insurance until you find a job, you never know how long it will be — and you could be in an unexpected accident or get a sudden illness.

Fortunately, there are affordable ways to stay covered until your next job.

What To Expect From Short Term Health Insurance

When you enroll in a short term health insurance plan, you can stay covered for as little as 30 days. You can choose the amount of time you need coverage for… so you’re protected until you start your new job.

Many health insurance plans — including the popular PPO plans — have short term options that can accommodate you.

With a PPO you choose your doctors and other health providers within their “network.” Because the plan negotiates discounts with that network, you save on premiums and deductibles. You can also save money with health providers outside of the network, but usually not as much.

If you think a short term PPO plan will work for you, consider the SelectTemp plan from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.

Traditional Fee For Service Plans

In a traditional health insurance plan, you can choose any doctor or health provider. You’ll pay for the care you need, then be reimbursed when you file a claim with your insurance company. You just need to make sure the medical service is covered by your plan.

Traditional plans tend to be more expensive. But when you’re buying on a short term basis, it can be very affordable.

When buying a short term health insurance plan, it’s important to find one that fits your needs. Use our free quote service and our professional agents will help you make an educated decision.