Medicare Supplements*

Medicare Supplement plans, also called Medigap, help cover some of the medical expenses that Medicare does not cover by itself.

A Medicare Supplement plan helps to protect you from uncovered costs, and helps keep your money where it belongs – in your savings account.

Medicare was never designed to completely cover all of your medical costs, and unfortunately the cost of items not covered by Medicare has grown – to the point where it’s often more than an individual can afford to pay. Costs not covered by Medicare include the Part A deductible, hospital and medical care coinsurance, and much more. A Medicare Supplement policy can help you pay these costs, keeping down your out of pocket medical expenses.


What Won’t Be Covered By Medicare?

  • You might be surprised at some of the costs that aren’t covered by Medicare. But a supplement plan can cover many of these expenses.
    • Hospital stay (2020)
      $1,408 deductible for each benefit period.
      Days 1–60: $0 coinsurance for each benefit period.
      Days 61–90: $352 coinsurance per day of each benefit period.
      Days 91 and beyond: $704 coinsurance per each “lifetime reserve day” after day 90 for each benefit period (up to 60 days over your lifetime).
      Beyond lifetime reserve days: all costs.
    • Skilled nursing stays
      After 20 days, you could pay up to $176 a day at a skilled nursing facility without Medigap coverage.
    • Medicare Part B
      Medicare Part B’s has a $198 yearly deductible. And with many medical services you’ll have to pay 20% of the bill as coinsurance. A Medigap plan can help cover these costs.

What Do I Need To Get A Supplement Plan?

To get a Medicare Supplement plan, you’ll need to be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. But you can’t get a supplement plan if you are in a Medicare Advantage plan or Medicaid. There are 7 different types of Medicare Supplement plans all at varying costs. You’ll want to find a plan that best fits you. For expert help in choosing the right one, work with our professional agents.

The More Coverage, The Better

A Medicare Supplement will provide coverage for many of the costs that your current Medicare plan doesn’t cover. Out-of-pocket costs can add up – and the more coverage you get, the more money you can save if you find the right supplement plan.

If you think you need more coverage than your current Medicare plan provides, we can give you fast and free quotes to help you find a supplement plan that best fits your needs.


Medicare Supplement Chart




All Medicare Supplement insurance plans help provide coverage for some of the costs that Medicare doesn’t pay, including:

  • coinsurance
  • copayments
  • deductibles

Some Medicare Supplement insurance plans can provide you with additional protection. For instance, Plans F, High Deductible F, and N offer you coverage for:

  • Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance
  • Foreign travel emergency care

Put your mind at ease knowing that with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, a Division of Health Care Service Corporation,  Medicare Supplement Insurance, your health care coverage is with a financially stable and recognized leader.

Take note: If you choose Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Medicare Supplement insurance, you may need a separate  prescription drug plan because Medicare Supplement insurance does not include prescription drug coverage.

Save Money with a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Medicare Supplement Select Option

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Medicare Supplement Select is an option available on most Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Medicare Supplement plans. This option helps you save on premiums when you agree to use one of the hospitals in the Medicare Select Network for non-emergency elective admissions. You get the same solid benefits as our “standard” plans, but your premiums will cost less. This option is not available for Plan A and High Deductible Plan F.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Medicare Supplements helps fill in the gaps left by Original Medicare

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Medicare Supplement insurance is optional coverage that helps to pay for expenses beyond what is covered by Medicare. There are several Blue Medicare Supplement insurance plans labeled with letters, each with different benefits and premiums, so you can choose the plan that works best for your specific needs. With all Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Medicare Supplement insurance plans, you can visit any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare.



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